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The opening ceremony of The High-Performance Computing and Security Technology Joint Laboratory
Timeļ¼š2013-01-15 09:48:18


    In the morning of January 15, the ceremony of the high-performance computing and security technology joint-lab was held in Shandong Academy Institute of Communication and Technology (SAICT). The members include SAICT, Computing Architecture and Algorithm Laboratory of Stanford University (Stanford University) and Jinan SuperSpeed Semiconductors Co., Ltd.(JSSS).

    The executive vice-director Guo Jianmin in SAICT, the director of the Stanford University computer architecture and Algorithm lab Professor Michael Flynn, and the general manager of JSSS Dr. Patrick Hong were present and gave speech respectively. Leaders from three parties unveiled the plaque for the joint-lab.

    The Joint-Lab will make better use of rich resources from computer architecture and Algorithm group in Stanford University which is the global leader in the field of high performance computing technology led by Professor Michael Flynn. And the Joint-Lab will be operated by JSSS in SAICT. At the first stage, the joint research work will focus on customized high-performance computing platform, covering the high-performance computing technology, the next generation of computer architecture, SOC design and implementation, security systems and algorithm and other advanced technologies.