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Professor Michael Flynn made lecture about next generation of supercomputer in SAICT
Time:2013-01-15 09:55:36


      In the afternoon of January 14, 2013, one frontier science and technology lecture named "opportunities for the development of high-performance accelerated computing - the formation of  supercomputer with customized data flow machine" was held in Shandong Academy Institute of Communication and Technology (SAICT). The lecture was given by Professor Michael Flynn, who is the professor of electrical engineering in Stanford University and the director of Stanford University computer architecture and Algorithm laboratory.

Professor Michael Flynn gave a detailed introduction about the history of the development of the parallel processor, the current level of supercomputing technology, the development of the use of multi-core and FPGA convergence, as well as the future of supercomputing technology trends.

Professor Michael Flynn is the world's leading computer scientists and one of the founders and chairman of Association Computing Machinery(ACM) and Computer Hardware Architecture Technical Committee of IEEE Computer Society.

       Professor Michael Flynn received his Ph.D. from Purdue University in 1961. He joined IBM in 1955 and for ten years worked in the areas of computer organization and design. He was design manager of prototype versions of the IBM 7090 and 7094/II, and later for the System 360 Model 91 Central Processing Unit.