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AgigA Tech Announces Sampling of Industry’s First DDR4 NVDIMM

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 6, 2014 – AgigA Tech, Inc., a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY) and a leading provider of high-speed, high-density, and battery-free nonvolatile memory solutions, today announced that it is now sampling the industry’s first DDR4 Nonvolatile DIMM (NVDIMM) to key OEMs and development partners. The AGIGARAM® DDR4 NVDIMM has been designed to operate in the standard DIMM sockets of next-generation, Intel-based server platforms, providing a significant boost to I/O performance in a host of applications, including storage and database acceleration. AgigA Tech will show its new AGIGARAM DDR4 NVDIMM here at the Flash Memory Summit in the Storage Network Industry Association’s (SNIA) booth number 808.


DDR4 is the latest evolution in DRAM technology, building upon previous generations with improved reliability, speed and power. With current data rates reaching 2,400 MT/s, DDR4 increases performance up to 50% over DDR3, while delivering a 20% reduction in operating voltage. With DDR4’s additional power-saving features, total overall power savings versus DDR3 can be as much as 40%. The AGIGARAM DDR4 NVDIMM builds upon the success of the DDR3 NVDIMM products currently shipping to top-tier OEMs.


AgigA is proud to achieve another industry-first milestone with the sampling of our AGIGARAM DDR4 NVDIMM,” said Ron Sartore, president and CEO of AgigA Tech. “With our patented IP and design expertise, we have been working closely with our OEM customers and development partners to ensure a successful transition to DDR4.”



AGIGARAM is a new class of nonvolatile memory developed to meet the need for higher-performance persistent memory for enterprise-class storage and server applications. By combining industry-standard DRAM and NAND Flash technology, AGIGARAM provides the low latency and nearly infinite endurance of DRAM, along with the nonvolatility of Flash. During normal operation, the AGIGARAM DDR4 NVDIMM appears to the host system as a standard JEDEC 288-pin Registered ECC DIMM. In the event of an unexpected power loss, the critical data residing in the DRAM is saved to onboard NAND Flash using a battery-free power source based on ultracapacitors. Or alternatively, the NVDIMM can also be powered over the JEDEC-defined 12V power pins on the DIMM interface. When system power is returned, the in-memory state of the DRAM at the time power was lost is restored from the Flash. The recovery time from a catastrophic power-loss event is almost immediate since the restore operation takes a matter of seconds and recharging the ultracapacitors takes only minutes. AGIGARAM is designed to integrate easily into the DIMM slots of next generation Intel-based server platforms, providing the fastest possible persistent memory for use cases such as write caching, metadata storage and other in-memory computing applications.